Dissertation/Thesis Defense

After passing the Qualifying Examination, students will enter into full-time research and preparation of the dissertation/thesis. To complete the requirements of the curriculum, the dissertation/thesis must be reviewed by the Committee and defended in a public oral examination. A Defense announcement must be posted publicly a minimum of two weeks prior to the scheduled date.

Dissertation/Thesis submission

The final stage of completing the degree requirement is submitting a successfully defended Dissertation/Thesis prior to the posted deadline. The following guidelines, forms and links must be followed in completing this process.

  • Dissertation/Thesis Submission Process (follow these instructions prior to posted deadline)
  • Dissertation/Thesis templates

  • Thesis Defense Oral Exam

  • The thesis defense is a formal oral examination between student and committee. A doctoral degree student must use english as the medium of communication for thesis defense.
  • For a doctoral degree student, the chairman of the committee on graduate studies will appoint a thesis defense committee of at least five people, including at least three lecturers of the graduate school from the same of related disciplines and at least on qualified person from outside the university who is not qualified to be a co-advisor. The main thesis advisor/co-advisor must participate in the defense process at all times as a committee member of participant, but not as chairman of the defense committee.
  • The students should be submitted thesis to the committee at least a weeks prior the day of examination
  • The length of time of the thesis defense should not be in excess of three hours for the Master's degree student while the length of the doctoral degree defense depends on thesis defense committee but should not exceed six hours.

  • Reporting the result

    The Dissertation/Thesis Proposal Examination Committee consists of at least five members including:

  • A student who does not pass the oral examination of the thesis defense can be examined only once within a period of six months, with payment of exam fees as announced by Chiang Mai University.
  • In case a student connot finish correcting the report of the thesis after thesis defense withing 30 days, he/she must request an extension with reasons for the requested extension. The graduate school will allow student extension within 30 days. If the extension is requested for the next semester, a student must enroll to use the university services too.
  • If the student has had approval for a requested extension of a further 30 days but cannot finish within the time allowed, the thesis defense examination of the student will be considered void, and the student must renew a thesis defense withing 30 days, with payment of exam fees.
  • In order to complete the thesis process and prepare a CD-ROM when the student has completed the examination successfully, he/she should do as follow:

  • Correct the thesis after defense and before binding, submit it to the defense thesis committee for approval page signature.
  • Submit the original thesis to the Graduate School official to check format.
  • Take the original thesis and make seven CD-ROMs (in Word file and PDF file).

  • See how to process Dissertation/Thesis Defent TH EN

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